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Summit Entertainment Thanks YOU for being a part of Twilight

This video is dedicated to Twilight fans to mark @Twilight reaching 1 Million Followers on Twitter

Bella’s Lullaby always does it!! 😥



Congratulations on your long life and your loving family!!!! 😀

Stephenie Meyer on writing more Twilight novels, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Host sequels

MTV News had a sit down session with Stephenie Meyer on the set of The Host. She talks about writing sequels to the Twilight universe and Midnight Sun. She’s a big fan of The Hunger Games and see who she wishes Finnick Odair will be played by. Furthermore, will she be writing any The Host sequels?

You can view the videos and more over at MTV Rough Cut: The Host. 

Twilight News



It’s been a while since we’ve posted a segment on just news on The Twilight Saga and its series.

MTV had an interesting article for their Twilight Tuesdays about the literary appeal of female YA heroines such as Bella and Katniss. Although some might disagree that Bella is labelled as a heroine but it does certainly make people especially young readers pick up a book and read.

“Both characters are appealing on a very archetypal level. One is very much a damsel in distress, this sort of empty, insecure vessel, which I think is very identifiable for young women,” she explained. “The other is sort of this superhero, strong, independent woman who doesn’t need anybody, which I think is also something that is very inspirational for women. In each one of us we have both of those entities, and as a result, people are drawn to these characters.”

Do read more about the literary appeals of YA heroines over at MTV.


On other news, Twilight, the first novel from The Twilight Saga series made it to the top 1,000 romance novel of all time list, compiled by RomanceNovels.me. The list of authors included are Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard to name a few. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight came in #253.

If you would like to take a look at the list, here’s the link: Top 1,000 Best Romance Novels .

Breaking Dawn News – Mediacorp’s Channel 5 is the Official TV Station for TTS: Breaking Dawn Part 1

WOOOOT!! We just got confirmation that MediaCorp’s Channel 5 will again be the Official TV Station for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 !

Ever since ‘Twilight’ in 2008, Channel 5 has been promoting the Twilight Saga Series by screening ‘the Making of ‘ featurettes for each of the films, trailers, interstitials and has even had EXCLUSIVE interviews with our favourite Vegetarian Vampires, Wolves and of course the Volturis. They have sent Utt to interview the cast and who could forget when Sezairi serenaded Kristen Stewart. Kristen was speechless!! Thank you Channel 5!

Well here’s the LATEST from Channel 5:

We do have something very special in store for Twilight fans, please tell all your friends and fellow Twilighters to stay tuned to Channel 5 in the upcoming weeks for more details!



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Here are the interviews Channel 5 did with the Twilight Cast over the years!



Miranda Richardson ‘Rita Skeeter’ is a Twilight Fan!

In the Harry Potter movies, Miranda Richardson is Rita Skeeter! Little did we know that she’s also a huge Twilight fan! Miranda revealed this in an interview with Collider.

What is it about Breaking Dawn that you’re so excited about?

RICHARDSON: Oh, I’m a huge Twilight fan! I love it! Maybe they’ll invite me to the premiere now.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

RICHARDSON: Oh God, don’t do that! I’m Team Edward.

For the full interview, check out Collider.

Speaking of Harry Potter, we can’t wait to catch the last installment!

TWILIGHT on Mediacorp Channel 5! Premiering 12, June @ 10PM!

Have you been waiting for this? Well – wait no more, Twilighters! Mediacorp Channel 5 is finally showing Twilight this June for their Box Office Showcase! YAY!

In your boxoffice showcase this June, catch the first installment of the Twilight Saga & three lucky winners will stand a chance to win a camera worth $399 each. Go to http://xinmsn.com/5 for more details.

Be sure to catch Twilight on 12 June, Sunday, 10PM!!!

Tune in to Channel 5 that evening and keep a look out for the question that will be flashed during the movie. 3 lucky winners will win a brand new digital camera each worth $399! More details right here. Terms & Conditions apply.