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The premiere is finally here!!! Check out the slideshow to see our cast all dressed up for the Red Carpet!


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Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Comic Con San Diego 2012

MTV News is streaming the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Panel at Comic Con today!

Tune in at 1AM Singapore time!

MTV Just tweeted this pic “These chairs will be filled with @Twilight stars within the hour!”

Live broadcast by Ustream

“So cute! MacKenzie Foy, aka Renesmee, tells @joshuahorowitz about auditioning for @Twilight!”

The main cast is here!!

Stephenie Meyer talking to MTV News’ Joshua Horowitz

Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene in da house!

We have Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed & Peter Facinelli

The whole cast & crew has headed to Hall H for the Q&A with the Press and Fans for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Lets hope we get to hear MORE great Exclusives from Comic Con!

Update : Latest pic from Hall H!

Thanks to Twilight Poison for this pic of The Cullens in Hall H.

Thanks a HEAP to HitFix.com for the LIVE Blog of the Panel in Hall H. Head on to there for the full coverage!

11:54 a.m. Is this the movie Edward and Jacob begin to become friends? “We’ve always had that relationship,” Lautner cracks. “It’s always been this complicated triangle and now it’s a square,” Lautner says. Stewart prefers to call it “A perfect circle.”

11:55 a.m. Is it bittersweet to be done? “If you told me tomorrow that we have to reshoot some scene… I would start vibrating, because I really enjoy living in this world,” Stewart says. “Even though it’s kind of a bummer to walk away, I look back on it with such fondness,” Stewart adds.

11:57 p.m. Pattinson can’t figure out how to talk into the mic…

11:57 a.m. How have their lives changed? “You start a project to finish it. It’s the really charged experience,” Stewart says. “Maybe it just affirmed my ideas of why I like to do what I do,” Stewart says, adding that her mind has been changed about the ability to do creative work without only doing indies.

11:58 a.m. Do they remember their first impressions of meeting each other? Meyer remembers it as “one of the most bizarre experiences of my life,” comparing it to meeting her imaginary friends. “It was exciting, because they all looked awesome,” she adds. “I liked his pants,” Stewart says of Pattinson. She laughs. “You were a kid when I met you,” she says, looking at Taylor. “Sometimes you meet people and you’re like ‘We should make stuff together. We can do good,'” Stewart adds. The men don’t answer.

College Humor – Nikki Reed & Peter Facinelli

Check out what has Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli has been up to these days! 😉

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Breaking Dawn News – BD filming in Arsenal Park, Baton Rouge/BD Vampires about town/ Angela Sarafyan talks to MTV

Breaking Dawn has made TV local news in Baton Rouge! Check out WBRZ’s coverage of its filming in the town’s Arsenal Park.


BATON ROUGE- Twilight has taken over downtown Baton Rouge.  Or at least the Arsenal Park near the State Capitol building.

Filming for the fourth addition to the Twilight Saga is scheduled to take place tonight at the park.

A giant green screen, known as a ‘key’ wall, was set up in the park. All day fans of the series and curious residents came out to the edges of the set to get a peek.



Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some folks spent their lunch break searching the scene for their favorite stars.

“We want to see Edward but we’ll take Jacob, yeah Carlisle too,” said Rhonda King, armed with binoculars. “Just in case we can’t get close we need to be able to check it out.”

However, the scene is blocked off and security is on hand, so if you’re looking to get a glimpse of the stars, you may be out of luck.

News 2 was told the lead actors of the film will not be at the set.


A couple of weeks ago, a fan on holiday in Baton Rouge caught up with the new cast members of Breaking Dawn at breakfast!(!! breakfast..hehe)

Thanks to BreakingDawnMovie.org for the pic & story!

This is my wife who met the following stars from the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn which is in production in Baton Rouge studios. They are we believe as follows from:

Noel Fisher – plays Vladimir (the blond in the front going left round the table)
Lisa Howard – plays Siobhan
Patrick Brrennan – plays Liam
Sandra – my wife
Omar Metwally – plays Amun
Christian Camargo – plays Eleazar
Myanna Buring – plays Tanya
Judith Shekoni – plays Zafrina Tracy Heggins – plays Senna
Guri Weinberg – plays Stefan

We met them at breakfast and they were all fantastically friendly and accomodating, Guri Weinberg was extremely helpful and chatty. I’ve got to say that Judith Shekoni is gorgeous!! They all also signed Sandra’s copy of the book Breaking Dawn which she just happened to have with her (She’s not a stalker really!!)


And Peter Facinelli at last weekend’s Golden Globes talking to MTV’s Hollywood MovieCrush gives us more details about filming Breaking Dawn.

Production on the two parts of “Breaking Dawn” is expected to stretch well into April, with the cast eventually departing Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to finish up shooting on the final “Twilight Saga” films in Vancouver, Canada. But whereas the makers of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” chose to save that franchise’s final scene until the very end of production, the “Breaking Dawn” cast has already shot the last scene of their finale film — and it apparently was a pretty gloomy experience.

“The other day when we shot that ending sequence, we knew that was the ending of the last two movies and it got a little melancholy,” Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, told us on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday. “It was sad.”

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While the 37-year-old actor wouldn’t delve into detail about the scene — “Lots of vampires,” he teased — Robert Pattinson, also walking the Globes carpet, dished about the lengthy climax toward the end of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” “There’s like a 27-minute sequence in the final sequence, and it takes forever to shoot,” he revealed. “There’s about 75 people in it. Being on a piece of fake snow surrounded by green screen for like a month, it’s driving me absolutely insane.”

Facinelli, too, admitted that filming the final fight has meant the cast must suffer through a “brutal” production schedule, but he credited director Bill Condon with creating a calm, creative working environment.

“Bill Condon’s fantastic,” he said. “He’s such a great actors’ director. He’s really collaborative. He’s a joy to work with. He’s very relaxed all the time. You never see him sweat.”

MTV Movie News asked Angela Sarafyan about being the new cast member in The Twilight Saga.

“I went on-set and met Bill Condon and he is truly such a great, great person,” she said. “I’m honestly humbled by the fact that he is kind and generous and, with the enormity of this film, has been so graceful about giving every actor their time. He immediately put me on a great starting point. We were all in this incredible Egyptian casbah in Baton Rouge [back in November] and it was quite magnificent. It was quite easy. It’s not as pressure-filled as you’d think. It felt like an independent project where everyone’s having a nice time, no one’s pressured. It’s been that way almost every day that we’ve worked on this.”

Three movies into the franchise already, the crew is currently in the midst of filming the final two films, “Breaking Dawn” parts one and two, and the “Twilight” newbie says that things are so relaxed on the set that she doesn’t feel like a rookie castmate.

“I was telling my mom, and I say these kids, they’re [probably] people who are not very nice and they’re stuck up … and they’re the complete opposite. They’re very kind and sweet and normal and awesome,” she explained. “I don’t think I could find anything bad to say about a single person on the set. They’re quite humble and normal people. It was a delight to come into that.

“About being the new kid on the set, there’s so many of us, we’ve all become a family ultimately,” she added. “It’s been quite easy.”

Sarafyan even got to help create a bit of backstory in order to play Tia. “I always envisioned Tia like Cleopatra and Benjamin like Marc Anthony, so even though they’re the younger vampires, they’re very strong-willed and rebels. We have this entire history of how they were 4 and they met and they fell in love and at 16 they turned into vampires,” she explained. “It’s something along those lines. And it’s funny, I spoke to Stephenie Meyer and she has a similar idea of what we created.”



Breaking Dawn News – Rob Pattinson & Peter Facinelli @GoldenGlobes 2011 talking about BD


Peter Facinelli was at the 68th Golden Globes because his TV Show – Nurse Jackie was nominated and Robert Pattinson was also there to present an award. Apart from talking about BD, Rob Pattinson also spoke about his other projects!

Thank you both for giving us updates on what’s happening at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & Part 2 film location!

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Breaking Dawn News – Costume fittings & Chance to be on the BD set

Great news a couple of hours ago!

Peter Facinelli tweeted about Breaking Dawn!

Whoa! Its September already and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is reported to start filming next month! Feels so far away especially with Melissa Rosenberg saying that the script is far for being ready. Oh well, the Twilight drought has been going on for far too long – October will be a welcome relief 🙂

And MarcMalkin of E! Online tweeted about getting into the set of Breaking Dawn legally. Well he was actually talking about this!

YES! You can actually buy a set visit to Vancouver and watch the Twilight cast film ‘Breaking Dawn’!  Best part – ALL proceeds will go to Charity!!

The bid started about 5 hours ago ( at 7am Singapore Time) with 9 days left for bidding. It currently stands at USD $6100. So if any of you Singapore Twilighters can afford it – we think many of you can – let us know we are rooting for you!!! Good Luck. FYI, the set visit includes travel accomodations!

Cast News Peter Facinelli on Today Show and Regis & Kelly/ Rob Pattinson in German Magazine Die Presse Intv

Peter Facinelli appeared on The Today Show and Regis & Kelly to talk about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and his other projects including ‘Loosies’ which is his own film screenplay that’s gonna start filming this week.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rob Pattinson did an interview with German Magazine Die Presse. Heaps of Thanks to Pattinson Online UK for the translation!!

“Recently I stood in the desert, far outside of L. A., and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. Everywhere stood animals: elephants, tigers that should be loaded into a steam train. 300 extras in costumes raced around, the modern world had disappeared totally. Although that was totally fake, it still happened directly before my eyes! That was my perfect day. I would gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough.”

“Sometimes my reaction is panic”

Rob, you could be crowned the most famous actor in the world right now. How do you deal with this strangeness?

There are good and bad days. I often wish I wouldn’t react in such panic. But I believe I can separate jobs from private life very well. So far my ego still hasn’t been injured!

Currently, it is surely not simple to be Robert Pattinson. Can you believe what all has happened in the past two years?

Honestly, I have always said that it’s a subjective glimpse of the whole. For me everything feels the same as before, but there are a few aspects of my life that are completely different. I would just like to not admit that it has taken over my entire life. For myself, in my head, it’s the same as it was in the old days; I also have the exact same friends.

You are 24 and, as it is, can’t be anywhere without bodyguards at the door. Doesn’t it stink to you that you can’t lead a normal life?

Sometimes. But then I remember how my normal life was: boring.

Where do you live now, in London or in L.A.? Do you perhaps have a home?

No, I don’t. My “apartment” consists of three suitcases, out of which I live. Inside of them is everything that I need.

Isn’t that a very lonely life?

I work constantly, so I am always surrounded by people who ask me questions or give me instructions. That’s why I enjoy it if I can do something for myself. I don’t have any problems with having a two-month long period with no one to speak to.

You said once, you find that the saga, without sex, is sexy…

Yeah, I think so. Every one of us knows the time, before something happens between a couple, when you’re still totally insecure: Does the other person like me or not? That is definitely the riskiest time! This moment can last an eternity. To this sweet uncertainty also comes anxiety, especially if it’s the first time for both people. I believe this worry stirs up desire. And in this case, the period of desire lasts almost four books.

You are currently shooting “Water for Elephants” with the Austrian Christoph Waltz. How are you getting along with him?

Christoph is stunning, an insanely nice guy. He is not only a ridiculously good actor, he is also really funny, helpful, and a good colleague. I like his work ethic. I mean, the guy has won an Oscar—and despite that he is receptive, open-minded, and not the least bit snooty. And Reese Witherspoon is the same. It may be the nicest cast that I have worked with yet—a really great experience.

READ the FULL Translated Interview at Pattinson Online Uk