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The premiere is finally here!!! Check out the slideshow to see our cast all dressed up for the Red Carpet!


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Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Comic Con San Diego 2012

MTV News is streaming the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Panel at Comic Con today!

Tune in at 1AM Singapore time!

MTV Just tweeted this pic “These chairs will be filled with @Twilight stars within the hour!”

Live broadcast by Ustream

“So cute! MacKenzie Foy, aka Renesmee, tells @joshuahorowitz about auditioning for @Twilight!”

The main cast is here!!

Stephenie Meyer talking to MTV News’ Joshua Horowitz

Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene in da house!

We have Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed & Peter Facinelli

The whole cast & crew has headed to Hall H for the Q&A with the Press and Fans for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Lets hope we get to hear MORE great Exclusives from Comic Con!

Update : Latest pic from Hall H!

Thanks to Twilight Poison for this pic of The Cullens in Hall H.

Thanks a HEAP to HitFix.com for the LIVE Blog of the Panel in Hall H. Head on to there for the full coverage!

11:54 a.m. Is this the movie Edward and Jacob begin to become friends? “We’ve always had that relationship,” Lautner cracks. “It’s always been this complicated triangle and now it’s a square,” Lautner says. Stewart prefers to call it “A perfect circle.”

11:55 a.m. Is it bittersweet to be done? “If you told me tomorrow that we have to reshoot some scene… I would start vibrating, because I really enjoy living in this world,” Stewart says. “Even though it’s kind of a bummer to walk away, I look back on it with such fondness,” Stewart adds.

11:57 p.m. Pattinson can’t figure out how to talk into the mic…

11:57 a.m. How have their lives changed? “You start a project to finish it. It’s the really charged experience,” Stewart says. “Maybe it just affirmed my ideas of why I like to do what I do,” Stewart says, adding that her mind has been changed about the ability to do creative work without only doing indies.

11:58 a.m. Do they remember their first impressions of meeting each other? Meyer remembers it as “one of the most bizarre experiences of my life,” comparing it to meeting her imaginary friends. “It was exciting, because they all looked awesome,” she adds. “I liked his pants,” Stewart says of Pattinson. She laughs. “You were a kid when I met you,” she says, looking at Taylor. “Sometimes you meet people and you’re like ‘We should make stuff together. We can do good,'” Stewart adds. The men don’t answer.

Cast Related News – New Movies!

Looks like our  guys have been busy after Twilight!

Check out Rob’s new movie, Bel-Ami trailer!

And here’s Taylor’s new action-flick, Abduction!

Kellan will be in a new film, The Immotals!

Jackson has been ever more busy with his new series, Aim High and his indie-film, Girlfriend!

What d’you think of the guys’ movies after the Twilight Saga? 😉

Breaking Dawn News – Kellan Lutz gives us some info on BD

E!Online spoke to Kellan Lutz and he has dropped some great details about Breaking Dawn!

“We start sometime in October and go all the way through to late April,” Kellan Lutz says. “I just did a [wardrobe fitting] and a contact lenses test.”

Joking aside, Lutz says he knows what director Bill Condon has planned for the potentially gory sequence. “I love the way that they’re showing it,” he said. “I really thought that was going to be really a tough thing to show.”

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently told us the birth of baby Renesmee won’t necessarily be gruesome. “I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show,” she said. “It’s about the intensity of it. It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.”


Cast News – Kellan Lutz INTV with OK Magazine

Here’s OK Magazine’s Headline!

Kellan Lutz: I Don’t Have R-Pattz’s Hair — But I Have Dimples!

It’s been a busy year for you, how are you planning on spending your time off?
Vacation. I actually just got back from doing three movies in a row, all back-to-back. It was really cool to be a part of those projects but it’s nice to have down time, me time, dog time and family time. And I want to go to Turkey really bad. Istanbul, Iceland and Ireland. And somewhere to get away and get a tan before I have to be all pale for a while. But just relaxing because Breaking Dawn is going to be a big movie to shoot.

Undoubtedly you’ll be doing lots of eating! How are you going to maintain your Calvin Klein physique?
I really believe that eating has helped my physique. I really believe being bigger… when I don’t eat or I try to be food conscious I lose weight and I don’t like losing weight. So I’m going for the steaks, I’m going for the big hearty meals, I love Indian food. Hopefully I’ll be getting some good Lebanese food. Anything and everything, I just love to eat it!

You start filming in the fall?
Yes, I believe we might start rehearsals in September – fight training – and then I think start production in November until March. In Vancouver and Baton Rouge.

What do you like about filming in Vancouver?
Everything! I love to snowboard, so it’s going to be good to be there in the winter. I’m going to be in Vancouver in the wintertime when I can actually use Whistler big time. I’m a big snowboarding junkie. The restaurants there are amazing. The seafood’s great, the steaks are great. We’ve been shooting up there for the last two movies, so we kind of have our hole in the wall bars where we can semi-escape.

Where do you like to go?
I can’t say! Then it won’t be our hole in the wall where we can disappear to. But I love getting lost there. And we just have a really great group of actors who are real people who can just have fun.

Tell me what it’s like on set with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Really fun, we have so many inside jokes now and again we don’t get sick of each other because these movies are only three to four months of shooting and then we’re off doing our own thing. And then we get excited to come back and it’s like a great family reunion. I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. I don’t think many actors who are part of trilogies or sagas can say that and really can’t wait to get back to the cast again. Share stories and make more memories.

Do you keep in touch with your co-stars outside of filming?
Yes, that’s the really cool thing about acting. You build these friendships and anytime you can spend time with a person for months, and hours on set, you really learn a lot about someone. And you’re going to be there for a while you might as well make some best friends out of it. It’s a dream to be in an industry that’s very fickle and to find friendships.

Are you excited for the saga to continue or are you looking forward to new projects?
I love it. It’s been a blessing to me. I haven’t really had time to look at what it was. Five years from now I’ll really appreciate it. But it’s opened up so many doors. It’s allowed me to mold my career in the action route, which I would love to do. I love doing stunts, I love doing action movies.

MORE OF KELLAN’S Interview – over at OK Magazine!

Cast News – Jackson Rathbone on NYLON TV & Kellan Lutz

NYLON TV has Jackson Rathbone on!

OMGodric! I love his Southern accent and his beautiful eyes!!

Was just wondering if he stayed and grew up in Singapore – what would Southern mix with Singlish sound like!?! 😛

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kellan Lutz received an award at the VH1 Do Something Awards 2010 for his work with animal charity!

Congratulations Kellan!!

And here’s a video from the event – Thanks Rachel!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eclipse News – New video Interviews with David Slade & Eclipse cast by James Kleinmann

Film Critic & Interviewer James Kleinmann interviewed David Slade, Xavier Samuel, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nicky Reed, Boo Boo Stewart and Alex Meraz recently. VERY GOOD INTERVIEWS!!