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The premiere is finally here!!! Check out the slideshow to see our cast all dressed up for the Red Carpet!


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Remember 4 years ago, right after Breaking Dawn came out, Stephenie Meyer released her first adult science-fiction novel, The Host? Check out the trailer. The movie is coming soon…


Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Clip [Arm Wrestling Scene] Released!

Check out Emmett’s ripped arms with the famous arm wrestling scene with Bella! Looks like someone’s struggling… 😉

Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV Spots!

A few more scenes was shown on these recent TV spots! Even Charlie got a shock seeing Jacob transforming to a wolf!

Breaking Dawn Part 2: “Inside Look”!

A new trailer featurette for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out! And I must say, Vampire Bella is looking incredible!

International Poster for Breaking Dawn Part 2

The international poster for the Finale looks just as awesome with close-up of our Big 3! 😉

NEW Breaking Dawn 2 Stills!

WOOHOOO! More movie stills were released by Summit Entertainment and they look GREAT! Even a photo of Bella & Edwards’s cottage! 😉