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Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Week 4 Winner

We have the last lucky winner from Week 4 gets to win a surprise prize that we will be sending over to you shortly. We will be mailing to you the prize through post though this will take a while, but no worries, we will be sending the winner a notification email after we have mailed your prize to your respective address.

So the winner is….

Week 4 Winner: Angie Keng

Answer to Week 4’s Question: 

The discussion is Edward wanted Jacob who is the true Alpha and Ephraim’s heir to give Edward the permission to deviate from what Edward’s family have agreed to in their treaty with Ephraim. Edward wanted to Jacob to grant them an exception and give him the permission to save Bella’s life. Edward will do it even if Jacob does not give him the permission but he did not want to go back on his word if it can be avoided. Edward’s family never wanted to break the treaty and they do not do it likely. Edward wanted Jacob’s understanding because Jacob knew the reason why they have do this. Edward wanted the alliance between their families to carry on after this.

Jacob let Edward know from his thoughts that he should talk to Sam about this and not him. Edward told Jacob that Sam’s authority is assumed but Edward knew that Jacob wouldn’t take Sam’s authority away. Edward said that only Jacob has the right to agree to what he is asking. Jacob let Edward know from his thoughts that he couldn’t make the decision. Edward said that Jacob knew that he could make the decision and Jacob’s word on this could condemn or absolve them. Edward said that only Jacob can give this to him. From Jacob’s thoughts, he said that he doesn’t know and couldn’t think.

Edward said that they don’t have the time. Jacob knows that his few days have become a few hours but he said he doesn’t know and wanted Edward to give him a minute to think. Edward said yes and that is the end of their discussion about Bella.

Edward has to ask for permission because he does not want to go back on their word from what they have agreed in their treaty with Ephraim but he have to save Bella’s life so he wanted to ask for Jacob’s permission to allow him to save Bella’s life so that their alliance would be able to carry on after he have saved Bella.

Congratulations, Angie!

That’s all we have for the Countdown to Breaking Dawn Quiz folks! The wait is finally over as we can now rush to any near-by cinema to catch our long awaited The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1! We hope that all of you have managed to catch the movie and you have not, go catch it soon! The movie is not but AMAZING.

We hope to see you guys around our website to check on events we might be planning for you! So happy, watching! 😀

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