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Twilight Singapore & The National Library Board present Breaking Dawn: Forever & Always – Event Pictures



Shaw Organisation

 Ilyani Suhaimi from The Public Libraries (NLB)


Warner Music Singapore

for their continuing support for Twilight fans in Singapore.

We also like to Thank our Helpful Volunteers who did so much to make our event a success!

And last but not least – The Twilight Fans who attended and participated : We really hope you enjoyed yourself!

Here are pictures from the event taken by our staff members and by Ilyani for NLB and is featured in their GoArts Facebook page.

The Preparation for our White Wedding Reception (with a bit of red) for Breaking Dawn: Forever & Always

Flowers on a stick (recycled from the New Moon Fiesta Volturi flags) cos we couldn’t afford to replicate Stephenie Meyer & Bill Condon’s flowers & gossamer ribbons and of course the Wedding Arch in the movie. So Izzati came up with this , inspired by this wedding aisle.

We decided to make a 3 tier cake for Edward & Bella’s Reception instead of the giant one Alice did. 😉

Its a fake cake made up of styrofoam and white jumping clay with plastic pearls individually embedded on the tiers as well as three different types of silk flowers. Thanks to a volunteer – April who figured out how to smoothen out the jumping clay so it’d look like icing. We wanted to use real fondant made out of marshmallows but it wouldn’t be practical in our weather.

Pom poms that Izzati improvised to become giant flowers!

Volunteers & Staff members decorating the venue the night before the event.

Pictures of ‘Firsts’ were pasted all around Merpati Hall to commemorate some of the notable events when this 2 people first met. For example – First Sight : The First Time Bella saw Edward in the school cafeteria, First Kiss : “I just wanna try one thing”, First Rescue: the first time Edward saves Bella 😉 .. you get the drift.

The event banner

Invitation card to the event on the flipside is the official Breaking Dawn Part 1 poster

Volunteers and staff member do a final briefing before the event begins!

At Registration we give the guests the invitation card (shown above) and a door gift. No Red Packets required. 🙂

Everyone present received a floral mug for their door gift. We hope you like it!

We set up the Honeymoon Scene with the red & white chess pieces, red soft pillows and of course FEATHERS!

What would any wedding be without at least a 3 tier Wedding Cake!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cullen!

The Event Program:

During the registration – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Original Soundtrack was played.

1) Screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailers

2) The Breaking Dawn Quiz (Prizes: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Original US Double Sided Poster & Calendars for 10 winners)

3)Bella & Edward’s Wedding Usher Game  ( Prizes: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Original US Double Sided Poster, Tall Mug & Stampset for the 16 players)

4) Guests are invited to enjoy a sumptuous refreshments.

5) Three Best Dressed Wedding Guests ( Prizes: Breaking Dawn Musical Jewellery Box)

6) Match the ‘Firsts’ pictures pasted around the hall to the chapters in the Twilight ( Prizes: Photo Frames & Stampsets for the 8 winners)

7) Bridal Bouquet throwing ( Prizes: Invitation to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Gala Premiere on 22 November at Lido Cinemas)

The players in the Wedding Ushers game randomly chosen to create teams of 3s (total 4 teams) where there are supposed to ‘seat’ wedding guests by their association to the either the groom or the bride

Players have to quickly get into their designated groups – Team Porsche, Team Aston Martin, Team Volvo & Team Chevrolet – break the ice and create a strategy on how to win! A team member would pick a name from the bag, shout it out loud, pass to their team-mate who will run to the 3rd team member who will paste the name to the sticky board.

Spectators 🙂


Makan time has arrived!

Winners of The Best Dressed Wedding Guests!

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