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Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Week 4

The lucky winner from Week 3 gets to win a surprise prize that we will be sending over to you shortly. We will be mailing to you the prize through post though this will take a while, but no worries, we will be sending the winner a notification email after we have mailed your prize to your respective address.

So the winner is….

Week 3 Winner: Laila Cullen

Answer to Week 3’s Question: 

The nightmare begin with Bella dreaming about the Volturi. She first dreams about a vampire boy with blooded eyes sitting on a pile of people that she loved . She dreamt about another boy four times , He was a human boy with flushed cheek and soft green eyes . Both of the boys shook with desperation and fear as the Volturi closed in on them . Bella always felt like she had the protect the unknown child in the nightmares despite knowing that she would fail to do so .

Sometimes she would dream of colorful things like being underwater with the fish and coral.She even dreamt that Edward had had sex with her again and woke up disappointed knowing that it was all a dream . She went on to successfully combust Edward into making the dream reality .

Her last dream before she learnt that she was pregnant was about the little boy. The Volturi was approaching Bella and the boy with dark ruby eyes glinting with desire ,lusting for the kill.Their lips pulled over their wet sharp teeth . They came closer and began to spilt up and surround  Bella and the boy from each angle. Bella is struck with the realization  that they were going to die . Suddenly the whole scene seem different to Bella and she changed her perspective. She now wanted to Volturi to charge and her panic changed into bloodlust. She crouches forward with a smile , growl ripping through her bare teeth.This where her last dream ends and she jolts upright.

Congratulations, LAILA!

Now for the 4th and LAST Week question… But before we do that, Twilight Singapore has made a couple of changes. When you are emailing your answer, you DO NOT have to put in your address as well. Only for those who have been notified that they have won, will later be sending us their address. Do take note of this. Thank you!

4th Week Question: Right before Bella was about to give birth to Renesmee, Edward and Jacob had an intense discussion about Bella, where Edward had to ask Jacob for permission. What was the discussion about and why did he has to ask for permission?

Submit your answers to: twilightsingapore@gmail.com

Title of Email: “Breaking Dawn Quiz Week 4

Deadline of Submission: 17 November at Midnight

This will will be the last question for Twilight Singapore’s Countdown to Breaking Dawn Quiz. The winner will be announced next week on 18 November together with this week’s answer .

Good luck, everyone!

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