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Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Week 3

The lucky winner from Week 2 gets to win a surprise prize that we will be sending over to you shortly. We will be mailing to you the prize through post though this will take a while, but no worries, we will be sending the winner a notification email after we have mailed your prize to your respective address.

So the winner is….

Week 2 Winner: Divya Durai!

Answer to Week 2’s Question: Bella and Jacob first start discussing about her impending death and transition date , which then leads into him teasing her about the need of her honeymoon with Edward, as he believed that Edward and Bella wont be able to consummate without Bella getting hurt, until she is changed . Bella becomes angry at the insinuation that her honeymoon would not be “real”, and argues that she and Edward can indeed have sex and that it was a private matter. Jacob hence loses control of his temper at this discovery, and manhandles Bella. 

Congratulations, Divya!

Now for the 3rd Week question… But before we do that, Twilight Singapore has made a couple of changes. When you are emailing your answer, you DO NOT have to put in your address as well. Only for those who have been notified that they have won, will later be sending us their address. Do take note of this. Thank you!

3rd Week Question: While on Isle Esme for their honeymoon, Bella have been having vivid dreams and nightmares. What were they about?

Submit your answers to: twilightsingapore@gmail.com

Title of Email: “Breaking Dawn Quiz Week 3

Deadline of Submission: 10 November at Midnight

The winner will be announced next week together with this week’s answer and the 4th week’s question for the Breaking Dawn Quiz on the 11th November.

Good luck, everyone!

One response

  1. Sash Lee

    Why haven’t you post the week 4 question it is already 12 Nov.

    November 12, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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