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Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Week 2

The lucky winner from Week 1 gets to win a surprise prize that we will be sending over to you shortly. We will be mailing to you the prize through post though this will take a while, but no worries, we will be sending the winner a notification email after we have mailed your prize to your respective address.

So the winner is….

Week 1 Winner: Geok Ling!

Answer to Week 1’s Question: Positive contains of RhD (Rhesus D) antigen, while negative does not contain RhD antigen. Mothers-to-be RhD absence and with baby contains RhD, they will be incompatible and cause danger to the baby when born!!

Congratulations, Geok Ling!

Now for the 2nd Week question… But before we do that, Twilight Singapore has made a couple of changes. When you are emailing your answer, you DO NOT have to put in your address as well. Only for those who have been notified that they have won, will later be sending us their address. Do take note of this. Thank you!

2nd Week Question: Jacob finally showed up at the Bella and Edward’s wedding reception, and as a surprise, he shared a dance with the bride. Whilst dancing, Jacob and Bella had an argument that almost hurt Bella. What were they arguing about?

Submit your answers to: twilightsingapore@gmail.com

Title of Email: “Breaking Dawn Quiz Week 2

Deadline of Submission: 3 November at Midnight

The winner will be announced next week together with this week’s answer and the 3rd week’s question for the Breaking Dawn Quiz on the 4th November.

Good luck, everyone!

One response

  1. Gaby Cullen

    They where arguing about Bella and Edward having a physical relationship

    March 15, 2012 at 11:23 am

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