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Breaking Dawn News – New Pivotal Scene Clip! Bella Discovers her pregnancy : what we read & what’s in the movie

We know this scene so well!

In the book :

“How many days has it been since the wedding?” I whispered.

“Seventeen,” he answered automatically. “Bella what is it?”

I was counting again. I held up a finger, cautioning him to wait, and mouthed the numbers to myself. I’d been wrong about the days before. We’d been here longer than I thought. I started over again.

“Bella!” he whispered urgently. “I’m losing my mind over here.”

I tried to swallow. It didn’t work. So I reached into the suitcase and fumbled around until I found the little blue box of tampons again. I held them up silently.

He stared at me in confusion. “What? Are you trying to pass this illness off as PMS?”

“No,” I managed to choke out. “No, Edward. I am trying to tell you that my period is five days late.”

His facial expression didn’t change. It was like I hadn’t spoken.

“I don’t think  have food poisoning,” I added.

He didn’t respond. He had turned into a sculpture.

“The dreams,” I mumbled to myself in a flat voice.

“Sleeping so much. The crying. All that food. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

Edward’s stare seemed glassy, as if he couldn’t see me anymore.

Reflexively, almost involuntarily, my hand dropped to my stomach.

“Oh!” I squeaked again.

I lurched to my feet, slipping out if Edward’s unmoving hands. I’d never changed out of the little silk shorts and camisole I’d worn to bed. I yanked the blue fabric out of the way and stared at my stomach.

“Impossible,” I whispered

Chapter 7: Unexpected, Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Here it is in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

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