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Breaking Dawn News – Mediacorp’s Channel 5 is the Official TV Station for TTS: Breaking Dawn Part 1

WOOOOT!! We just got confirmation that MediaCorp’s Channel 5 will again be the Official TV Station for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 !

Ever since ‘Twilight’ in 2008, Channel 5 has been promoting the Twilight Saga Series by screening ‘the Making of ‘ featurettes for each of the films, trailers, interstitials and has even had EXCLUSIVE interviews with our favourite Vegetarian Vampires, Wolves and of course the Volturis. They have sent Utt to interview the cast and who could forget when Sezairi serenaded Kristen Stewart. Kristen was speechless!! Thank you Channel 5!

Well here’s the LATEST from Channel 5:

We do have something very special in store for Twilight fans, please tell all your friends and fellow Twilighters to stay tuned to Channel 5 in the upcoming weeks for more details!



To get the updates

TUNE IN to Mediacorp’s Channel 5 on your TV 🙂

Follow @MediaCorpCh5/Twitter, and

LIKE their Facebook Page/MediaCorp Channel 5

Here are the interviews Channel 5 did with the Twilight Cast over the years!



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