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Breaking Dawn Soundtrack News – Christina Perri’s song in BD Part 1 : A Thousand Years

OMG.. Am literally a crying blubbering mess after watching this video. This could possibly the FAVOURITE SONG in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack. Its gonna be as distinct a Twilight classic like Paramore’s Decode.

The song tells of Bella & Edward’s journey through life until they found each other.

From the onset of the video, the lyrics of the song are written on boards and nailed to the trees. The lush beautiful ancients trees that is omnipresent in Forks – the cold, wet town that Bella hated but grew to love.

A Thousand Years’ melody is utterly gorgeous and moves us as it brings you along into Bella’s mind (just like in the books!) on her big day. Its her wedding day and she is walking towards Edward standing waiting for her at the altar. All her doubts and all her insecurities are cast away as she realizes that she was right all along. “One Step Closer”

And on the other hand, Edward – “All along I believed I would find you, Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you, For a thousand years”

Its a simple music video but it says so much. Christina Perri is obviously a Twilight fan cos not only she has an understanding of the story to write this beautiful song, she’s gonna appeal to all the fans by including elements of the previous book covers in this music video! The Apple = the forbidden fruit for Twilight, The Flowers and ruffled petals of New Moon, The Red tethered and torn ribbon of Eclipse and The Chess set from Breaking Dawn where Bella who was at first the pawn who overcame the odds became the powerful Queen.


Tell us what you felt after listening to this song.

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