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[UPDATED] Cast News – Kristen Stewart has gone Medieval

SDCC 2011 had ‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ panel meeting the fans.

Check out the first look of the characters including Kristen in an armor and shield – warrior princess?!

“I wasn’t initially jumping at the chance [to play Snow White] but she is one of the most heavy-handedly sincere, seriously doesn’t let her heart cloud her mind characters,” Stewart said (via Movieline). “Also, I get to have a sword and stuff.”

The story, according to Entertainment Weekly, features Snow White, having escaped from the Evil Queen’s imprisonment, off in the woods, being chased down by the Huntsman. He’s charged with returning just her heart, but when he can’t bring himself to kill her for it, they become partners in the fight against the queen.

Indeed, this Snow White will be a much more action-packed affair, with Stewart and the gang to be featured in some major stunt work. “It’s not a little girl sitting by a well with tweety birds telling her what’s going on,” Stewart said

Read MORE at HuffingtonPost.com

Thanks to Breaking Dawn Movie.org for the SDCC2011 Snow White & The Huntsman Panel videos!!

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