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Breaking Dawn News – Twilightish Interview with Chaske Spencer!

Twilightish did it again and this time, they interviewed Chaske Spencer. Obviously, we don’t need any introduction as to who is Chaske Spencer, correct? Let’s move on 😀

Twilightish: What was your favorite scene to film in Breaking Dawn? 
Chaske: Mums the word on all things Breaking Dawn! You will have to let me know your favorite scene.
Twilightish: Now that the Saga is almost over, are you REALLY Team Jacob? Or do you harbor Team Edward tendencies?
Twilightish: Not that Sam had a lot of costumes to choose from but: If you could or did take one prop or costume piece of Sam’s, what would it (or what was it) and why?
Chaske: Well I sort of ended up with most of my wardrobe, since we were shirtless in most of the films.
Twilightish: Do you have other projects on the horizon?
Chaske: Yes! I just finished a film called ‘Shouting Secrets’, I am shooting ‘Winter in the Blood’ this summer and hopefully ‘The Block’ and ‘6:45’ in the fall.

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