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Have you guys been VOTING FOR ECLIPSE on the 2011 MTV Movie  Awards???!

Not yet today?

Well Good Morning! and head now to MTV Movie Awards and get that finger clicking!

Voting will remain open up until June 5th (during the awards)

And GUESS WHAT! The lovely people at SHAW THEATERS are opening up their SPANKIN’ CINEMAS TO SCREEN THE 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS LIVE!!!


That’s 6PM June 5th in Los Angeles and YOU & A FRIEND will be at SHAW THEATERS LIDO (Singapore) at 9AM June 6th to watch the 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS unfold LIVE EXCLUSIVELY on the BIG SCREEN,

Head on to Shaw Online’s Facebook page for YOUR CHANCE for an EXCLUSIVE INVITATION to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards LIVE Screening at SHAW THEATERS LIDO!

The contest is on its SECOND WEEK with 10 PAIRS of INVITES to WIN each week!

Here’s Week 2’s ( 24 – 28 MAY, 2011) Question:

All you have to do is guess which movie the line I want to get chocolate wasted is from at Shaw Online’s Facebook page and Comment that Answer – AND YOU & A FRIEND will be well on your way to SHAW THEATERS LIDO on JUNE 6th watching the 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!! 🙂


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