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A Review of Red Riding Hood

Some of you might wonder why I’m reviewing a movie that is not Twilight related. Is it because it involves a wolf? Not at all. Red Riding Hood and Twilight does have a little bit of common ground – in the directing and acting. Catherine Hardwicke, the woman who brought Twilight to the big screens directed this movie and casted Billy Burke as one of the characters. (His acting was superb BTW) And just for your information, Leonardo DiCaprio produced this movie. 😉

Red Riding Hood might seem like the innocent fairytale story we know of but looks can be deceiving. I watched the movie with my friend and I told her since Catherine directed this movie, it might looked a little bit like Twilight. And true enough, the first few scenes reminded me of Catherine’s creation of the Twilight world! Vast lands of pine trees, with snow covered mountains from a bird’s eye view – so Twilight! I was fangirling during that moment =P

The movie revolves around a young village girl named Valerie, played by Amanda Seyfried (love her BTW) whose village has been haunted by a werewolf.

Amanda Seyfried as Valere AKA Red Riding Hood

She’s best friends since childhood with a young lad by the name of Peter, played by Shiloh Fernandez. (My friend told me that he was one of the candidates to play the role of Edward Cullen, but oh well, Robert Pattinson, you’re still the best!) And as you all know, if you’re best friends with a guy, it always eds with love.

Shiloh Fernandez as Peter AKA Valerie’s childhood best friend

However, she’s caught in a love triangle as she is to be engaged to the village’s swordsmith’s son Henry, played by Max Irons. So when I noticed this, something clicked to my mind… this looks familiar.

Max Iron as Henry AKA potential husband to Valerie

Henry and Peter. And if you put Valerie in between.. well you get my drift

The village has been trying to catch the wolf but to no avail. See, the werewolf in this movie only comes out on a full moon. If it’s the night of the blood moon, aka red moon, it’s a danger to anyone who has been bitten. Once bitten, it’ll take you three days to be one. They asked the help of a Father Solomon played by Gary Oldman and well… you feel like kicking his butt for the way he acts around the village but oh well, karma bites him in the rear end.

When the werewolf appears, something clicked again to my mind. I’ve seen this before! Oh yes, New Moon! I’ll let you guys guess who the werewolf reminds you of from the Quileute wolfpack. 😉

Valerie aka Red Riding Hood has the ability to communicate with this werewolf and the plot thickens.

This movie isn’t predictable and it makes you guess throughout on who is the “big bad wolf”. It’s a bit cheesy and cliched, on my part, but I’m not sure about you guys.

The revealing of the “big bad wolf” was surprising but the ending well, let’s just say that forbidden love rules all! 😉

Twilight fans, you’ll enjoy it as there are scenes that will remind you of Twilight and our beloved trio – Edward, Bella and Jacob! And some of the lines too! 😉

Parents, a word of caution! The movie is highly sensual and well gross in some parts. The fairytale that we all love is not at all similar to the movie well except for “Grandma, what big eyes you have” and you know the rest.

Enjoy the movie and if you have watched it, do comment about it on this post!


2 responses

  1. izzatee

    Am still considering whether I should watch this 😉

    March 11, 2011 at 8:55 pm

  2. Angie

    just watched it with my friend yesterday and i think it is quite nice.

    March 12, 2011 at 12:26 am

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