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Breaking Dawn News – Twilight Universe is rife with speculation on what Oscars’ BD surprise would be.


Since the video was released yesterday – the Twilight Universe has been wishing for stuff that Bruce Cohen (Oscar Show Producer) has since shot down each one – BD trailer or microtrailer, cast appearing on the show live or via video broadcast and even a Twilight musical number (THANK GOODNESS! – that would’ve been so embarassing!) So he came clean and provided details on RyanSeacrest.com


On RyanSeacrest.com

After releasing, via a Twitter video, that there will be a surprise for all the Twihards out there, Bruce furthered “Robert, Taylor, and Kristen will not be on the show but, the next best thing is going to happen and it will blow people minds.” Although Cohen wouldn’t reveal the surprise, he did let on what it is not, including it’s “not a live element at all…not technically CGI…and not the trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn.’”


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Gosh this would really push up the viewership ratings for the Oscars!

So we’ll continue with the speculating then – What ‘will blow YOUR Twihard mind’ ?

Its still


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