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Breaking Dawn News – Special Effects Team for Renesmee


Have you guys seen the Facebook movie ie  ‘The Social Network’?

One of the ‘scene-stealers’ were the Winklevoss Twins Tyler & Cameron . Did you guys know that the twins in the movie were performed by one actor?

Armie Hammer was basically the ‘face’ of the Winklevoss Twins.  Armie’s face was superimposed on another actor who acted as the body double for Tyler Winklevoss should the twins be in the same scene.   The special effects in the film was so seamless that we thought nothing of it until we were googling about the movie and found out more. We thought it was cool that we didn’t notice it during the movie because the twins were filmed at all directions with no awkward pauses.

And now we’ve learnt from MacKenzieFoy.com that the same people responsible for doing the great job in The Social NetworkAdam Howard is working on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn specifically in the CGI ageing process for Renesmee. They are in charge of  superimposing Mackenzie Foy’s face onto the bodies of younger Renesmees.

Read MORE at MacKenzieFoy.com


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