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Eclipse DVD News – New and Interesting facts from Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey’s DVD Commentary

As you guys know The Twilight Saga: DVD Special Edition also contains Commentaries by Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey and they have revealed interesting aspects in the making of Eclipse. For example why certain parts of the book were omitted in the film, props ‘malfunction’ and their experiences during the filming of the movie.

Again, Amanda Bell of Twilight Examiner tells us a little about it!


The Wonder from Down Under: Xavier Samuel’s audition for the part of “Riley Biers” came via mail-in, and it absolutely wow-ed one of the executives at Summit Entertainment. Per Stephenie Meyer, they were all really impressed with his work in the tape, but Samuel – due to the enhancement of the character in the film – still had to submit to “about seven” further auditions before being officially cast for the role.

First Scene After a Long Summer: Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey explain that the very first scene in the film – the first meadow scene – was the first time Pattinson and Stewart shot together after having spent the summer working on other films (Remember Me and The Runaways, respectively). Everyone was pleased with their ability to jump right back into character and pull it off so well.

Wig Woes: While Wyck found that Kristen Stewart’s wig was “the biggest problem in making this movie,” Stephenie Meyer was quite pleased with Jackson Rathbone’s hair in this film. In fact, she teased that for the “anniversary edition,” Rathbone’s hair should be CGI-ed with the look from Eclipse for all the films.

Moments Missed, Part 2: There were a couple of things that were talked about or included in the scripts which didn’t make it to film. For instance, Stephenie Meyer said that originally the parking lot scene was supposed to include the moment when “Jacob” remembers what “Bella” looked like in New Moon, but it didn’t translate well onto the screen. Also, Wyck Godfrey said that they were going to have a moment with “Quil” running out of the La Push house with a toddler (“Claire” in the book), but it just became too strange. Finally, there was going to be a scene with “Edward” in the olden days, sipping tea on his porch and courting “Bella” during his time period. Stephenie Meyer was a fan of the idea, but it never made it to screen.


HEAD ON over to Twilight Examiner for the rest of Amanda’s Review!


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