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Eclipse DVD News – Interview with David Slade

First up is David Slade’s interview with Collider.com in conjunction with the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD. In it,  he mentions why he doesn’t do commentaries on DVDs and the many memorable things he experienced during filming.

Looking back on the whole process of making Eclipse, were there things you were most happy with, in making the film, and were there things you wish you could have tweaked?

SLADE: Yeah, it’s always like that. As a director, you have to go in with a really, really, really clear picture of what you want. That’s the point of my commentaries. It’s so difficult because you’re the harshest critic. You’re like, “If only there was more time, more money, more whatever.” That’s not to say that, in this instance, it was any more or less than any other film I’ve done. That’s what you do. As the director, you’re meant to be critical and you are, so there are loads of things. But the thing is, the way I look at it is, to try to get some measure of success, it’s dangerous to look at financial or critical success, or positive response as a measure. The thing for a director, and one of my own personal ways of looking at it, is “How close was it to the picture you had in your head when you went in?” And it was very close. Besides Hard Candy, it was probably the closest. To that, I feel some measure of success.

What is the most memorable thing you’ll take away from having been a part of all of this?

SLADE: Going to bed, every night. I just remember going, “Oh god, I get to sleep for awhile.” There were so many things. There are favorite scenes or moments, and there were things that were just predictably fun. The scene where Charlie (Billy Burke) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) have the discussion in the kitchen, which starts out as trying to explore whether she understands this need for marriage and turns into this admission of being a virgin, was genuinely fun because both actors have great comic timing. It wasn’t about going in to find the joke. The joke was there, and everything was actually a bonus. I remember that being tons of fun. And always with really emotionally-charged scenes, you get a tingle because nothing is quite going to be like the moment of actually seeing it happen, in the moment, on the monitor. It may be great in the dailies and it may still have all of that resonance, but just being there, in a moment of truth, is always something you remember. I remember so many of those that I’d bore the hell out of you, recounting them.

Do you feel it was a help or a  hindrance with Eclipse that the cast had already been together for two previous films?

SLADE: It was a bit of both. Yes, there is something absolutely wonderful to build upon because they’ve done it before. But, the way it worked for me was that I met each actor individually and asked, quite honestly, what worked and what didn’t work, so we could excise what didn’t work and build upon what worked. And with so little time to shoot the film, and pressures of the schedule and weather, and all the rest of it, it certainly wouldn’t have been as successful, had they not been through this before. But, to an extent, this is also the most mature of the films so far, so there wasn’t too much to be done to look backwards. It was mainly, essentially a process of growing forwards from where they came from. But, it’s good to know where you’ve come from.


Read the Complete Interview by Christina Radish at Collider.com

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