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BREAKING DAWN NEWS – Special Thanksgiving Message from Bill Condon… FEATHERS

Our friends in the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving Day today (or rather yesterday for us -25th Nov or the last Thursday of November) so…


We are laughing away at Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon’s Special Thanksgiving Message to all Twilight fans across the globe!!! He has a great sense of humour and its straight  out from the Isle Esme!

Thanks to @Twilight/Twitter for tweeting this pic!

Check it out!


“Happy Thanksgiving and a crazy Black Friday to all of you and yours.” – Bill Condon

Its such a simple picture (& soo sensual) but tells us so much of what we want to see from Breaking Dawn. We hope this scene (!!) would be as pretty as this photo.

Does anyone else think that Bill Condon knows what we want from BD???!!!

Yay, 1 point for Bill Condon!

There is no question that this is Bella’s arm (Kristen Stewart) but to quell any doubts, the awesome gals at Twilight Lexicon confirmed it with Summit!

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