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CAST NEWS – Ashley Greene on Lopez & Jackson Rathbone talking abt his new TV project ‘Aim High’

Ashley Greene appeared on Lopez Tonight talking about getting back into Breaking Dawn and  her recent international adventures!

We’ve got the FULL VIDEO of Jackson’s interview with MovieWeb ( previously we posted a shorter/BD version here ) on the set of his new TV Series (which he is also a Producer ) ‘AIM HIGH’.

“High School is hard.” That is a catch phrase that could be used for the new web-based series, Aim High, which will premiere in 2011. The series revolves around the double life of a high school student, who is also a dangerous spy. It is executive produced by Terminator Salvation director McG. The series stars actor Jackson Rathbone, best known for his roles in The Last Airbender and the Twilight Films, as high school student/international spy, Nick Green. We recently had a chance to exclusively visit the set of Aim High while they were shooting and speak with actor Jackson Rathbone about the new project.


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