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Breaking Dawn News – HUGE BD Script Spoilers & Security Heightened in Baton Rouge Studios

Be forewarned! **Spoilers up ahead!**

LaineyGossip has posted some details of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Script specifically the – ‘Jacob Imprinting’ scene. She allegedly has the BD script and has posted parts of it since last month. Please take her postings with a grain of salt. And don’t read if you don’t want to know!

Breaking Dawn script details – Spoiler alert, look away if you can’t deal. Bella has the baby and drops dead. The Jacob is all sad and leaves. Then he comes back to kill the Evil Thing. Then he lays eyes on it. You see it through his eyes like tunnel vision – she’s 2, she’s 4, she’s 9, she’s a teen, she’s a woman, and that’s when he falls in love. It actually doesn’t read creepy at all. It reads not bad. Because ANYTHING IS AN IMPROVEMENT ON STEPHENIE MEYER.

Then Edward’s all sad because Bella dies. And he hears Jacob’s thoughts. And he beats the sh-t out of Jacob. Jacob doesn’t fight back because he’s a weak and sh-t from imprinting.

And we have received news of another spoiler of  HUGE PROPORTIONS – How Breaking Dawn Part 1 ends!

We dunno if this is true and if it is we have thoroughly been spoiled 😦 so click ‘BE SPOILED – To know BD Part 1 Ending.’


The Twilight crew are all headed for Louisiana’s Baton Rouge to film at Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre. It seems the situation may be different from the previous Twilight films in the sense of how we get reports from fans who camp out at the various locations in Vancouver, Los Angeles,  Montepulciano, Rio De Janeiro, etc . People used to be able to get pictures and videos but it may have to change with this final film – details of which are posted in the article below. Part of us are quite happy cos we won’t be spoiled but then again we are so used to hearing about every Twilight film as it progresses these past 3 years. So it remains to be seen how we get our daily Twilight fix until April 2011 when the filming ends.

Scene, a web based Louisiana Entertainment Magazine has an Exclusive interview with the security personnel at the studios to talk how about the heightened security when Breaking Dawn Part 1 starts filming in the facility.


Twilight begins filming in Baton Rouge, security at Raleigh Studio serious

We will absolutely prosecute every person who trespasses,” says Achee. “There have been six who trespassed before and they have all been caught.” When asked how he knew only six had trespassed before, Achee’s answer came quick: “Security cameras. The property is covered with high definition security cameras. A camera mounted on the [main building] can capture the license plate of a car all the way on the other side of the property.” The security camera system video is stored to a source that is backed up offsite. Additionally, the system has a back-up power supply that allows it to continue operating in the event of a power failure.

Achee and his crew of security officers are authorized to detain any trespassers by force until local law enforcement arrives to complete the felony arrest. We asked him if he planned on seeing any young teenage girls arrested, Achee said, “Absolutely. I think of this place as a home. You wouldn’t want somebody trespassing in your home, and if you did, you’d defend yourself. That’s what we’re doing here, it doesn’t matter who it is.”

Read more at Scene!

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