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Breaking Dawn News -[updated] Oh My!! Latest Reports from Brazil & Happy Edward&Bella in Rio PicSpam!


NEW PICS OF Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart at Isle Esme!

Thanks to NewsKStew and Thinking of Rob & Globo.com for the pics!


The CEO of Riofilme Sergio Sa Leitao, a local agency that is directly involved in the production of BD in Brazil has tweeted that filming in Rio will end this Saturday 13th November.



The filming of (Breaking) Dawn in Paraty was all right. Tomorrow is the last day! Thank you to all who helped us in this endeavor! Viva Rio!


We’ve also got reports from Blog Twi Brasil from today!

Some scenes from “Breaking Dawn” the fourth feature film in the series, being filmed in the city of Paraty, in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro, since last Tuesday (9). The bad weather that hits the city, however, has disrupted the filming schedule since the early hours of Thursday (18).
On that day, you could see little after midnight with a set up a bed inside the mansion, located in the Saco do Mamanguá in Paraty-Mirim, which is being used as a backdrop. The environment gave the impression that the long awaited scene would be shot the first night of love between the characters of Edward and Bella.

A heavy storm, however, in region and the scenes were postponed. During the day, with dark sky and rain, the filmings were restricted to the inner part. Production staff came to mount scenery and equipment on a porch at the entrance of the mansion, but they were soon disassembled

In the early hours of Friday, the mansion remained totally erased, and the movement of employees only resumed at around 8am. Shortly before noon, the report of IG see on the balcony of one of the top balcony of the house doubles Pattinson and Kristen doing marking scene.

Head on to Blog Twi Brasil for more and the latest!!


And if you can’t get enough of all the Breaking Dawn News from Brazil – head on to KStew Defenders (or Twifans for the translated version ) for in depth fan coverage at Paraty/Isle Esme.


Lastly, another “Happy Edward & Bella Picture Spam!!”🙂 Can’t get enough!

Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the following pics.

Please check out the whole HQ collection at ToR!

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