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Breaking Dawn News – Updates from Rio: Condon happy with work done so far

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– Bill Condon seems to be very happy and satisfied with footage taken so far at the marina, the streets of Rio and at ‘Isle Eme’/Paraty.

– Stephenie Meyer as producer/Twilight Expert 😉 has been present during filming.

– Some production crew members have left Rio and it seems that some of the filming has ended.

– Robert & Kristen have Friday off and are reported to take the time to enjoy the city before they return to the US on Saturday.

Read MORE AT Foforks.com.br

Here are the MORE pics from Brazil –  Muito obrigado BlogTwiBrasil!


Oh WOW! Bella & Edward look soo beautiful being in love – can’t wait how this turns out in the movie!

See a whole gallery of pics at Blog Twi Brasil!

Here are a couple of videos taken by fans during the filming at Lapa – street scene.

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