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Breaking Dawn News – MORE pics from the BD filming in Braz

Here’s another BD update filled with pictures from Brazil!!

Edward & Bella just looks so happy together.

Awww beautiful! 🙂


Here’s a fan’s video taken during filming on the streets of Rio on Monday. It seems going by the comments on the video – Robert & Kristen were dancing on the street. Awwww – reminds me of The Notebook!! 😛

And here’s another one but we suggest you put it on MUTE cos the commentary is just Baaaad.

And Robert & Kristen arriving at Paraty to film the Isle Esme scenes!

More at Robert Pattinson Source!

[UPDATE] FROM www.foforks.com.br translated to English.

As we all know, the security system surrounding the island is super strong and has been further strengthened with the course of filming! We have no photos and only very little information, because the press and the paparazzi do not have access to the site. Veja revealed more details about protecting the island. Look:

Security guards protect, with boats, the set of ‘Dawn’ in the bag Mamanguá in Paraty

The entire central facade of the mansion, where is the living room was covered with white siding, to avoid any images of the interior, where a photographer has stuck to tight security and tried to photograph the sea with special cameras and zoom or if any fan or curious trying to see with binoculars.

Now beyond the barrier in the sea, the airspace around the island also was blocked by the aeronautical authorities. Therefore, it is impossible to image by helicopter or any other form. Who also tried to access the island by land, by the side of private beach, boats were escorted by private security team hired by the production. Namely, it is impossible any access by air, land or sea. In addition to security and police authorities, there are still barriers to private security.

Read it all here and follow @foforks


This is a TV news featuring the first week of filming for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Rio de Janeiro and how international cinema productions coming to the city help to spread the image of Rio de Janeiro all over the world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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