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Breaking Dawn News – Production Dates Announced & Fans stopping traffic in Rio AND Could this be Isle Esme?


Thanks to Production Weekly for tweeting this!


Looks like the filming of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is scheduled to be approximately 5 months and 2 weeks.

That’s 166 Days of work for the Cast & Crew which will cover Christmas & New Year 2011 and the Easter Holidays – wonder if the guys will get a break in between those hols?! I bet they do.


First Day of filming would be the ‘Taxi Scene’ on Sunday night (7th Nov) .

Here are Funny papz pic of Rob & Kristen’s reactions to fans gathering at their hotel – The Copacobana Palace in Rio.

Apparently  – the hotel has another famous guest staying there the moment – Vin Diesel – so the crowd of fans may not only be there for Twilight.

Content of the Globo.com article  mentions:

The Twilight Cast & Crew apparently order a lot of food from Room Service – well into the wee hours! And an entire floor of the hotel was reserve for them for the duration of filming so that there is no contact between them & the media or other guests.

Of course they’ll order food – imagine a whole floor of people with different sleeping patterns & working late with a restricted schedule. What else to do on their rest time but eat and watch TV 🙂  I bet they don’t have time to sight see at all. Anyways – they can come back for a proper holiday to enjoy Rio.

Cool! Wonder if they run around the hallways and open up all the connecting rooms to play.

HAHA I really really bet they do! 😉


Lastly, thanks to RobPattznews for this!

Currently it is rumoured that the Isle Esme scenes will be shot here.

Oh WOW! I can actually see it being the Isme Esme House – especially with that private beach! Check out MORE pics at the House In Paraty website!

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