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Breaking Dawn News – Summit currently building sets in Louisiana/Wyck Godfrey Updates us on BD/Nikki talks more abt BD

Collider.com has 2 Exclusives today!

FIRST UP – news about the Breaking Dawn preparations in Louisiana.

We have confirmed through two sources that the production is currently building sets in the Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, including Edward’s house.  We’ve been told the interior scenes will be shot in Louisiana, while the exteriors will presumably be shot in Vancouver.

Wonder how much of the script requires interior shots – which will more or less determine how long the cast will stay in Louisiana. (Interior scenes namely: The Wedding(AH!!!!), The Honeymoon (;)), The Birthing Scene, ‘After’ Bella.

Going by the book, there are many important exterior scenes which would be of course the final battle scene, battle practice scenes, Jacob’s Book scene, Back story of the Amazonian Vampires, The Cullens travelling all over the world looking for witnesses and of course Isle Esme.  We are just speculating here and more will be revealed soon enough.

SECONDLY –  Collider has an Exclusive Interview with Twilight producer – Wyck Godfrey. He updates us on the Eclipse DVD as well as Breaking Dawn 🙂

As the producer of all the Twilight movies, Godfrey is in the unique position to be able to talk about the franchise in a way the actors and even the directors can’t. After all, while an actor might be able to talk about filming a certain scene or what it was like for them working with the director, Godfrey is the person who can explain why they chose to film a certain way or why they wanted a certain actor or director to be a part of the franchise.  To put it simply: producers are the ones with all the answers.

Anyway, during the interview Godfrey talks about making Eclipse and what fans can expect on the DVD/Blu-ray.  We also talked a lot about Breaking Dawn including how they’ll be filming it in Louisiana and Vancouver, how long does he expect the movies to be, how did they get Bill Condon to direct them, and a lot more on the next two films.  We also talked about the eventual ultimate DVD/Blu-ray box set for Twilight, his other projects with Channing Tatum and Amy Adams, and way more than I can put in this intro.  It’s a great interview so take a look:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush chatted with Nikki Reed about BD!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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