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Thanks to His Golden Eyes for the Summit Press Release!

Summit Entertainment has officially announced the new members of the cast for Breaking Dawn that would make up the Denali Coven:

The Denali Coven is the only other “vegetarian” vampire coven in the world, considered cousins to the Cullens. The next chapter of THE TWILIGHT SAGA will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011 and the second coming to theatres on November 16, 2012.

KATE will be played by Casey LaBow

CARMEN will be played by Mia Maestro

MyAnna Buring as TANYA

Christian Camargo as ELEAZAR

And as we have posted previously,

Maggie Grace as IRINA

One response

  1. mc

    The effects sound very exciting but please, not at the expense of the exquisite
    beauty and depth of the charactisations. I think both Catherine and Chris gave
    the space to allow the talent of the actors to emerge beatifully. It is no accident
    that these films have been so successful.


    October 4, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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