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Twilight Awakening – A Twilight Fan’s blog after discovering the ‘life lesson’ of Twilight

Was on WordPress and found this blog which has a Twilight Fan’s interesting take on what she discovered after reading Twilight! 🙂 Check it out and Share the Twilight Love!

Why Twilight Makes Me Want to Quit My Job

First, the books made me aware of how little time we have in which to make our short lives sweet.  The juxtaposition of vampire life and human life is stark.  Human life is short and, despite our best intentions, probably meaningless in the grand scheme of things.   So, to the extent that we have the capacity for a truly Meaningful life, we will probably die long before we have a chance to realize on it.  Previously, I had viewed my fungibility as limited to Biglaw.  All of a sudden, “SURPRISE SAMANTHA!”, said the Universe, “I agree with your vapid bosses — you are intrinsically irrelevant.”

Now, compare the human condition just described to Twilight’s vampires, who not only are immortal, but also do not need sleep.  How many languages did Edward speak?  Six?  Not that this made his life meaningful, but he at least had an opportunity to really understand the world.  Edward at least could fully appreciate why his life was pointless.  More significantly, perhaps, he had an endless amount of time to suck what he could out of life (no pun intended).  My existential angst would evaporate in the face of all of that precious time.  By contrast, I had been floating through my life on autopilot, generally unhappy, understanding nothing of the human condition, in a job that sucked my soul dry, waiting for the next benchmark: financial security (check), married (check), kids, kids to college, retirement, death.  My meaningless life was living me.  I wondered what could make my irrelevant life feel more meaningful.

READ MORE at Queen Samantha’s Weblog!

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