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Breaking Dawn News – Costume fittings & Chance to be on the BD set

Great news a couple of hours ago!

Peter Facinelli tweeted about Breaking Dawn!

Whoa! Its September already and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is reported to start filming next month! Feels so far away especially with Melissa Rosenberg saying that the script is far for being ready. Oh well, the Twilight drought has been going on for far too long – October will be a welcome relief 🙂

And MarcMalkin of E! Online tweeted about getting into the set of Breaking Dawn legally. Well he was actually talking about this!

YES! You can actually buy a set visit to Vancouver and watch the Twilight cast film ‘Breaking Dawn’!  Best part – ALL proceeds will go to Charity!!

The bid started about 5 hours ago ( at 7am Singapore Time) with 9 days left for bidding. It currently stands at USD $6100. So if any of you Singapore Twilighters can afford it – we think many of you can – let us know we are rooting for you!!! Good Luck. FYI, the set visit includes travel accomodations!

One response

  1. Kakyuu

    USD6300 already??? I don’t even earn that much a year!!! 😥

    ps: it’s been so long since i read this blog~ laptop crashed took so long to repair~ miss this place so much~~~

    September 8, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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