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Breaking Dawn News – Pre production stage has begun

Heaps of Thanks to MaliciousMandy for posting this pic.

Its taken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana outside the studio where The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be filmed.

Here are some details she sent me regarding Pre-Production of Breaking Dawn:

  • studio is secure and gated but busy.
  • a lot of construction going on in the lots (unsure if related to filming or not, it seems likely)
  • they are using the lot across from studio also (for storage and vehicles at this point)
  • Bill Condon has been spotted in town and is staying at a private location not too far from studios

Hehe actually liking  TSBD – good name for a construction company doesn’t it?

Please head on to Mandy’s Mind for MORE of her investigations & updates on TSBD!

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