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Breaking Dawn News – release date for BD makes news & Bill Condon doesn’t want 3D?

Seems that everyone wants to clear out of Twilight’s way! This is in response to Breaking Dawn’s release date being set on November 16th.

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‘Monsters, Inc. 2’ Bumps Up Two Weeks Ahead of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’

No shame in avoiding the Twilight train

However, it would seem Pixar was well aware of the scheduling conflict as Box Office Mojo reports they have moved the film up two weeks to avoid making moviegoers choose. Monsters, Inc. 2 will now hit theaters on November 2, 2012, a date they currently have all to themselves. That date previously belonged to DreamWorks Animation’s The Guardians featuring the voice of Leonardo DiCaprio, but that film recently moved to November 21, 2012.

The Monsters, Inc. 2 move is a smart one. Any Twilight film should be left to its own devices and everyone else should just stay away.

And from Entertainment Weekly .

Will the final installment be in 3-D? Summit says a decision has yet to be made, but sources say director Bill Condon and Co. are opting to NOT go for a third dimension. Many of the Twilight fans have been very vocal regarding their opposition to 3-D, but with the final chapter of the saga focusing on Bella’s life after she’s turned into a vampire, it could be compelling from a story view. And the extra revenue wouldn’t hurt either.

Please let it be true – 3D is great and all but it gives me a headache! 😦

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