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Eclipse news Taylor Lautner Magazine Interviews from Mexico & Italy

Thanks to Twilight Poison for the translation! Taylor Interview on 15 a 20 Magazine.

Is Jacob the best choice?

One of the most important questions is, Why should Bella pick Jacob? Taylor thinks for a minute and says: “I don’t know. It’s a tough choice because both guys are great, but they’e so different from each other, they’re opposites. She really can’t choose one over the other so I think I understand her situation. Even if they’re so different, they have a lot of qualities too”.
Jacob, however, does think that the healthiest thing for Bella is to stay with him and not become a vampire, which Taylor agrees with: “Jacob has this very interesting dialogue the last time he tries to convince her that she should stay with him. And she tells her ‘you don’t have to change for me’, and I think that is very big of him. She can stay exactly like she is, and not having to deal with the other stuff. She can be just Bella and be with him. Jacob tells her ‘it’s as easy as breathing’.
Since he won’t give up, he confesses his love to Bella by saying “I’ll fight for you until your heart stops beating”. So romantic! So we asked him about their kiss “Which kiss?” he asks laughing “the one where she punches me, or the one where she really wants to kiss me? The first time we kiss it was against Bella’s will, and I get punched. It was a fun scene to shoot. Well, it’s not fun to kiss someone who doesn’t want you to kiss them and is pushing you away like this the whole time. Then I get punched. But the second one as good. We were on the top of this mountain with a beautiful landscape behind us and it was a romantic kiss. That was nice!”.

A sneak peek at Breaking Dawn.

As we know, BD will be two movies directed by Bill Condon, Taylor says: “I know he’ll make a ood film. He always does. The baby will be interesting, my relationship with Renesmee. We’ll see. I haven’t seen a script, so we’ll see what they can write that is in the books. The whole Jacob/Renesmee thing will most definitely be a challenge”.

Read the rest at Twilight Poison.

ItalianTwilightMoms did the translation & scans of Taylor Lautner’s interview on Nick Magazine (Italy). Thanks to Twilight Poison too!

Who do you asks advices?
People I trust: my friends or my parents.

Do you like to take risks ad an actor?
Absolutely. An actor can hazard without jeopardizing his real life so you should take any risks possible. I admire Jacob for being who he is: a man who never quits and stands for what he believes in. I know people prefer Edward and I can understand that, he’s a really nice guy.

If you can choose movies to express your personality, which ones would you choose?
For my romantic part I’d choose The Notebook, for my fighting side I’d choose The gladiator. I really like super heroes movies like Batman or SpiderMan, I recently discovered Iron Man thanks to the wonderful interpretation by Robert Downey Jr.

Is acting “your road”?
Now I’m happy to be an actor. I’d probably be an athlete right now but acting involves both physics and psychology, so I can try so many different things. I like to write too and, who knows, maybe someday I can direct someone in a movie. But it’s too soon to talk about it.

More over at ItalianTwilightMoms!

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  1. naznin

    he is a good boy,i really like him!!!!
    good luck tay…

    July 31, 2010 at 2:52 am

  2. profit2829

    Good & Smart boy!

    July 31, 2010 at 3:50 am

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