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Eclipse News – Sezairis Eclipse cast interview FINALLY (!) on Youtube!!


We posted in the first week of June asking Singapore Twilight Fans to send their questions for Channel 5 to bring with them to the Eclipse Press Junket in Los Angeles. This year Singapore Idol Sezairi had the task to interview the cast.

Unfortunately, NONE of our questions  got through but we appreciate Sezairi and the Channel 5 producers for being creative and did an awesome job with the interview!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Interstitials are still running on MediaCorp`s Channel 5 until the 15th of JULY,2010 so catch it while you can!!!

Someone has finally posted the MediaCorp Channel 5 Interstitials on Youtube!! Thanks to Twilight Lexicon and Jan for the heads up!!

Check out the screen caps we posted of Kristen & Sezairi here.

Robert Pattison & Taylor Lautner gave us another shoutout (kinda 😛 ) again this year so that was cool.

Sezairi didn`t manage to ask the cast to come to Singapore BUT at least the Twilight cast know that there are a few fans here.

Not as many as our neighbours in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan etc for them to even consider coming here but at least they know we exist.

HAHA Thanks again for the Shoutout !!!

One response

  1. profit2829

    Dontcha guys just love the way Robert looks at the camera (right at us) with that flirty kinda look in his eyes when he says `Singapore`

    HAHAHAHAH Soo shiok watching him…. swoon time!! 😛

    July 13, 2010 at 12:42 am

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