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Cast News – Robert Pattinson in Atrevida magazine

Robert Pattinson gave pretty interesting and funny answers in this interview with Brazilian Magazine Atrevida. Thanks to Robpattznews for the magazine scans and translations!

A: Eclipse opens very soon. Do you think the fans will be surprised?

R: Twilight had a story more focused on Edward and Bella and New Moon was more about Jacob. So, Eclipse is interesting cause everyone has their place and the audience can see Edward, Bella and Jacob interacting with each other.
A: And to you, what was the biggest challenge in playing Edward this time around?

R: Edward lives different emotions in Eclipse. In the first two movies, he’s a lot more distant to everyone, but now he needs to be a part of the world and not be indifferent if he wants to keep his relationships.

A: Do you have a favorite scene?

R: I like the scene where Bella thinks she’s cheating on me with Jacob and Edward has to deal with it and forgive her. It’s one of the most interesting scenes.

A: How would you describe the experience of working with David Slade?

R: It was exciting, cause David came up and said: “I wanna make something really different.” And I think he succeeded. There will be a huge contrast between Eclipse and the other ones.

A: And how are the roles you play in those movies?

R: In Bel Ami, I play a parisian for whom it’s impossible to have any empathy. He treats badly anyone who does him any favors, but he ends up with a lot of money, which I think is quite realistic [laughs].

A: And what about Water For Elephants?

R: The movie’s set around the time of the Great Depression and I play a guy who drops out of College and join the circus.

A: So, you actually work with elephants?

R: Yes. It’s a great story, an amazing cast, a very good director and a spetacular movie, without any special effects, but one of the things that caught my attention were the elephants. I met them, and I’m going to work with them, it’s wonderful. Do you know elephants purr? I found that out.

A: With each one of your characters have you learned the most?

R: Besides Edward, I’d say it was Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes. I really changed my way to observe acting. But I think every character that I play has been defining my personality for that particular moment.

READ the REST at RobPattzNews!

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