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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Film Review : Singapore Fans – Air your thoughts on the movie!

Before the film came out – David Slade sent a note to All Twilight fans saying

To those of you who stood behind our security, who waited in line at theatres overnight, to those of you who just love these stories,

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a love letter to you.

Each day I felt the weight of your favourite scenes, your favourite lines, your dreams and your imagination.

It has been an unforgettable journey, and now as I finalise the last prints to ready the film for your local theaters, I cannot wait for you to see it.

Sincerest Regards,


I can say for all Twilight Singapore staff members – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was a love letter which we happily received and cherished! 😛


David Slade stayed so close and so true to the book! We will write our own personal reviews but we’d also like to hear your thoughts on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Love it, Hate it? What was your favourite scenes? Your favourite lines? The scenes that surprised you and didn’t even thought it’ll make it in the movie. The scenes that made you laugh or made you cry! What are your thoughts on the music and overall look of the film. Post it here!

11 responses

  1. Nur Aishah

    I love it!!!!The first part was in a rush nevertheless the fighting scene was -AWESOME!!I love when Bella told Edward and Jacob that she is Switzerland.The other part was Bella punched Jacob’s face,it was a good laugh.I was awed by the gorgeous ring!!I in love with the ring…..I was a bit disappointed that Bella’s wedding dress was not shown.Well,we have to wait for Breaking Dawn to see the dress.Lets watch Eclipse again!!!

    Lots of love,

    July 3, 2010 at 9:35 pm

  2. jan

    When I saw the opening Riley scene, I turned to my friend and said: “I love it already!”…and boy, was I right!!
    And then when it cut to the meadow…..*SQUEEEE!!!*

    To David Slade:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your deft handling of Eclipse, together with Melissa Rosenberg’s script and Stephenie Meyer’s approval!
    Bringing out a more outwardly emotional Edward (as opposed to the controlled version in the book) was, I feel, a masterstroke as it made him more ‘human’ and accessible…well, to me, at any rate. 🙂
    And Rob, quite simply put, nailed it! Not only was his ‘look’ the most gorgeous of all the three movies, the range of emotions he displayed was such a revelation for our favourite vampire that I’m now in love with Edward even more!
    My fave line from him? “Oh believe me, I want to.” *sigh*
    And The Proposal…I have no words for the whole beautiful scene in his house and bedroom leading up to The Moment and the way he pulled her into his arms after that, coupled with Sia’s haunting ‘My Love’….. *sigh* again

    Summit can up the action sequences as much as it wants but to me (and I suspect, to all Twi-Hards), it’s the Edward/Bella romance which keeps us going back to watch again and again; and thankfully, Eclipse has just enough of that.

    Tent Scene was nicely done…no way everything in the book could have made it into the movie.

    Love all the songs on the soundtrack, especially UNKLE’s ‘With You In My Head” during the fight-training scene and Metric’s ‘All Yours’, which I’m singing along to death in my car (when alone, of course!). 😉

    It was awesome watching Eclipse on Thur evening at the TwiSg special screening…and BIG THANKS to the admins for organising it and Mediacorp for their kind sponsorship!
    The theatre was full of enthusiastic fans who were cheering, laughing, ooh-ing, ahh-ing and aww-ing at all the right parts…and applauding at the end…what an EPIC experience!! 😀

    I actually probably have alot more to say but this will do for now.

    Thanks for listening…if you got this far! 🙂

    July 3, 2010 at 10:34 pm

  3. profit2829

    Yes Jan I got that far.:) Thank you! The opening sequence should not be missed! Its great how Summit also changed their logo to suit the mood of the movies. I love the rain on the glass with Summit’s logo on it.

    Poor Riley. The way Victoria zipped across the screen hunting him was just soo cool! I hadn’t expected that and it was a nice surprise.

    I love that the movie started and ended with The Meadow – my favourite place in the whole Twilight world. Brought me back to Twilight (Chapter 13 & the MOVIE 🙂 ) Yup had to tilt my head again just to get a good view of Edward.

    David Slade is so faithful to the book (THANK YOU!) and best of all his scenes/ the pictures are all composed beautifully… and I liked all his POV’s.

    Great to watch most of the characters in Eclipse got at least a bit of screen time!

    I love how most of my favourite lines were kept:
    Jacob “What’s up Bella? Bella: Same old, same old Jacob: Bunch of vampires trying to kill you. The usual.” HA!!
    Bella to Edward “Its a good thing you’re bulletproof. I’m gonna need that ring” 😛 I love it!

    The first hunt for Victoria at the Quileute border was awesome and how we can see the Cullens running parallel with the Wolves on each side of the river – chasing after her. I want the poster of the Cullens waiting for Victoria in the forest!

    The story of the First Cold one & His Mate who went to the Quileute Village to avenge him was so insightful and damn rich. The Cold Woman didn’t have dialogue but she sure was scary and at the same time beautiful too. It was short but JUST NICE… Oh my these lovers are all so passionate about their loves! Soo many love stories to keep up with in Twilight!

    Its sooo awesome to see The Cullens each having their screen time – especially Alice & Jasper! They were exactly how they were in the book and in my mind! Awwww!! Alice was soo graceful everytime! Especially the practice scenes.

    I liked Rosalie’s whole look but her backstory could’ve been better. Relied too much on the present Rosalie to relate the emotions when we could have seen it when she was with Royce. I wanted to see how Royce hurt her and Rosalie lay bleeding and dying on the street. I think the audience’s sympathy could have been evoked better. 😛 Anyways – loved THE VIEW that Bella & Rosalie were looking out to at the balcony. WOW! The river!!

    The graduation speech was cool – dunno why they chose Jessica to be valedictorian (maybe cos Anna was Oscar nominated?) – wasn’t she an airhead in the books? Poor Eric! And Edward somehow looked too old for me under the graduation cap. Another yellow one to add to the collection!

    I love Bella’s dream where she figured out Riley’s role. Oya Jasper’s backstory was all perfect for me too. Catalina Sandrino/Maria had an American accent! Jasper past was perfectly conveyed. If they slipped in the night he found Alice would be soo sweet! I don’t really mind not seeing the discussion about the wedding dress but it would have been great to watch Alice sulk and persuaded Bella to having the wedding.

    I enjoyed the exchange between Charlie & Bella during the virginity talk and I loved Kristen cos she was soo Bella in that scene! I cried laughing. Also the part where Bella punched Jake!

    I cried when Renee said – “I wanted a piece of me with you in Alaska”… Awww… and strangely enough when Jacob was pleading for Bella to choose him and when he found out about the wedding! Poor Jake!

    Soo many Edward & Bella love scenes to choose from – we finally got what was owed to us since Twilight.

    I loved hearing Claire de Lune playing when Edward opened the door for Bella during that first night alone together at the The Cullen House. They brought that in especially to set the mood cos we all recognized it from the first movie! HAHAH The detail of the leg hitch in the book was included too in the make out scene!! AHH!! TQ!

    Bella & Edward kissing – HOT! (Definitely Best Kiss material for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards – though nothing beats the Twilight Best Kiss Win – for me)
    Bella & Jacob kissing – Sorry looked like Jacob was kissing his sister. 😛

    Ditto to what Jan said about how more casual and relaxed Edward is in this movie (poor guy he’ll have so many stressful moments in BD) – I love how we always see Edward smiling/laughing now. Wonder where the crooked smile went though.

    Jacob – loved him! More dialogue, more emotion and naughtier.He doesn’t let up with his snide remarks & sarcasm at Edward. I like this guy!

    Tent Scene – Edward & Jacob stole the scene! I am soo looking forward to watching that over and over again. Not only cos Edward looks damn gorgeous but the exchange between them was exceptionally enjoyable!

    I loved the action sequence as much the next girl but seeing the how the Wolves & Cullens crushing and tearing the newborns got boring pretty fast – I dunno why! Hmmm I think I missed the part where they were supposed to burn up all the torn up newborns. But I guess with Edward burning up Victoria serve the purpose.

    Loved the soundtrack as a whole but have to watch the movie again to talk about it – but what I noted and remembered most was Rolling In on a Burning Tire (Dead Weather!!) for Riley & Victoria which was perfect, Jonathan Low for the Wolfpack and of course – Eclipse (I’m Yours)!

    I’ve only seen the movie once and am gonna watch again on Monday – heading to the best seats in Singapore – Century Square Tampines!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

    July 4, 2010 at 2:07 am

  4. Elle

    Just watched Eclipse and im totally smitten by it!!!

    Loved the entire movie to bits. This had got to be the best twilight movie by far, untill i see BD, haha..

    What I loved about it : Loved the meadow scene, where they were kissing and all cos it was so natural, like they were on a real-life date, so passionate…loved the bed and edward’s room, wow, so romantic…haha, now im tempted to remodel my bedroom to his!! Loved the part where bella was trying to seduce edward and the part where he related how he would have courted her in the past and when he proposed to her, OMG…i nearly fainted cos it was sooo beautiful!!! rob expression was so touching, i could have imagined him proposing for real to kristen..oh, i wanted to cry! Loved it that edward didnt want to fight cos he wanted to be with bella and protect her..loved the part where both riley and victoria got edward and was going to kill him and edward turned to see bella, like he was trying to see her for the last time, oh..so touching and of course, bella sacrificing to distract them….i just loved every single thing about the movie, too much to say! haha..

    Fav lines : edward telling bella to stop trying to take of her shirt, edward telling bella that if she wanted him to change her, she must marry him first, and edward keep repeating “marry me” (ooh, how nice if edward/rob was saying it to me…), bella telling charlie that she is a virgin and charlie’s reaction (classic!) and charlie saying that he liked edward a little more after that.

    What I dont’ like : jacob kissing bella by force, bella asking jacob to kiss her ( in front of edward, my goodness, it must have hurt edward alot!), bella looking more worried about jacob getting hurt than edward, bella leaving with jacob even though edward telling her not to go

    Things that i find strange : the cullens all have really yellow eyes, won’t everyone notice that something is wrong about them cos i dun think there is such thing as yellow eyes…rosalie is supposed to be blond but how come her brows are so dark, almost black? its so funny, it doesnt match her hair.

    and yes, im one of those fan who is enthralled by the series all becos of the love story between edward and bella…so i want to see more edward and bella lovey dovey scenes!!! loved, loved, loved the movie and i think i will watch it again…

    thanks for reading all my rants! 🙂

    July 4, 2010 at 2:42 am

  5. profit2829

    AH! Thanks for your review Elle!!

    Good thing you mentioned the yellow eyes or rather amber. Am so glad they were accurate with the eye colors this time! Amber after they have just hunted and black when they need to go ‘camping’!

    I forgot to mention about Riley. Xavier Samuel acted so well. I felt for the boy when he called for Victoria to help him!

    Bryce’s Victoria was is EVIL! I love her voice and her make up! And when Edward reminded her about James – her RAGE was so there!

    Okay that’s it for now.

    July 4, 2010 at 3:15 am

  6. I love the movieeeeeee… jjust don’t like bella. She got a very annoying voice.

    July 4, 2010 at 10:25 am

  7. izzatee

    Ditto Jan and Maria! 🙂

    The opening scene – The Black Key’s Chop and Change + Summit Entertainment’s logo + Riley’s entrance was perfect. David Slade executed it well and everything followed suit from there onwards.

    Bella’s reciting Robert Frost’s Fire & Ice. Am glad they did not miss out on something very crucial.

    The meadow is looking pretty every time I’m seeing it. It’s a major contrast from Twilight (the movie). Great work, David!

    I would like to point out the scene where Bella heads to her truck to see Jacob. That whole shot was very well done, I would say. Hmm, was it Edward’s point of view?

    When the camera pans down to The Cullens in the forest (waiting for Alice’s commands), that was cool! Basically, I enjoyed the chase!

    Maria, I cried during Bella/Renee scene only on my third round watching Eclipse.

    Anyway, certain songs from the OST (‘Heavy In Your Arms’, ‘What Part of Forever’, ‘Lines’) didn’t made it into the film. Wonder why? ‘With you in my Head’ was spot on for the training scene! 😀

    It was nice to hear Howard Shore’s music again but I think the best music that he composed so far was for LOTR. My favorites are: Riley, Compromise/Bella’s Theme, Victoria, Imprinting, Jasper, The Battle/ Victoria vs Edward and Wedding Plans.

    Shall come back here again to read all of your reviews/comments 😀

    July 4, 2010 at 5:10 pm

  8. YM

    Jux seen the movie today! Totally AWESOME! But I really hated the fact that some of my favourite scenes were missing. 😦 But still, David Slade did an awesome job.

    July 4, 2010 at 9:27 pm

  9. Lee Veronica

    I love Twilight the movie , I hated New Moon very much, when I read the news that Chris Weitz is going to direct New Moon , I have lost 50% confidence in the movie itself. When I went to see New Moon , it was TOTALLY dissapointment. When I read David Slade is going to be the director of Eclipse, I was smiling cos I know his work , from Mtvs to movies , dark and entertaining. And finally when my group of Team Robward fans went to see Eclipse. We came out smiling and pleased with the overall results. It was almost perfect except we did not like Bryce Dallas Howard portrayal of Victoria. She did not bring out the wild and menacing side of Victoria, instead she looks like a kitten than a wild cat. SIGHZ….There’s nothing we can do since she is Ron Howard’s precious little daughter.
    But nevertheless , WE LOVE YOU DAVID SLADE!!

    July 5, 2010 at 9:02 am

  10. Rozi

    Agree with most of you here, David Slade did a very good job. The best of The Twilight Saga.
    I watched Eclipse 3times & still counting =)

    Oh Edward, u look so damn handsome in eclipse – esp in his room & in the tent.
    My fav line is frm Edward “I promise to love you every moment of forever”
    I’m jumping up & down (from inside) when he proposed!!
    TEAM EDWARD all the way!!

    Fav scene
    1) when the cullens stand in the forest & getting ready to attack Victoria.
    2) the tent scene of course.
    3) THE MEADOW – this is where Stephenie Meyer dream about & start to write The Twilight Saga.


    July 5, 2010 at 4:34 pm

  11. Elle

    ok i went to watch eclipse again, haha, this time with my 2 kids! haha, talk about being a twimom….

    i must admit, i did try to convince them that eclipse was a really exciting show so they decided to go check it out. turns out that they liked it very much too, haha, for my son, he likes the action part and for my girl, she likes the romance part…

    i really, really love the proposal part, so touching, so real, i can imagine it being rob proposing to kris instead…so touching i wanted to cry!

    and i realised that jasper spoke with a southern twang/accent, wonder if it was on purpose? or is it natural?

    and now i think i may go watch it again with my sis, haha, just to drool over edward/rob again….

    July 7, 2010 at 10:40 pm

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